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I would like to say that I get the greatest benefit from the Neck Sofa whilst sleeping. Due to having a broken neck and back, I am unable to sleep on either side of my body or my stomach. However, ironically I have to sleep on my back and that with my neck, I'm always in pain. To sleep I use a large memory foam pillow and then the Neck Sofa on top of that. (I use the large memory foam pillow for extra support with my back). It is lovely as the Neck Sofa cradles my neck and I have noticed that when I move my neck the Neck Sofa moves with it therefore always giving me the support I need. I have not woke once with a stiff neck since I have been using the Neck Sofa. Therefore, that alone was worth the wait of the Neck Sofa. Alternatively, I must admit that some of the positions are a bit uncomfortable due to the problems I have. The most beneficial times when I use the Sofa are in the regular position. Although I must admit once you do find which positions have the most benefit you do stay with them.
All in all, I am very happy with the product and could not possibly imagine not having it now to help with getting comfortable at night.

Janet Watkins, United Kingdom

Ladies and Gentlemen, I want to tell you about your Neck Sofa product. My husband brought it to my attention while checking different neck supports online. Our son was starting to develop a condition of his head leaning forward. Our Chiropractor said it is a direct result from the time he spends looking down at his cell phone during the day. The problem is very common these days that doctors have called it "Text Neck" and it effects young people and those that are constantly working on computers and of course cell phones. Well, with a little bit of convincing and scolding my son, who is 15, has started to retrain how he holds and positions his phone. Our doctor is amazed how after a short period of about 7 months this pillow, along with his daily neck exercises, has helped our son to reverse his leaning head. I am thrilled with your product and have begun to use it myself during the day. My son's headaches have virtually disappeared. I believe we caught a very serious problem at the early stages and have learned a great deal about maintaining proper posture. Thank you again for a great and comfortable product that's worth its weight in gold.

Brenda V., Bridgeport, CT

The design and feel of Neck Sofa is sheer luxury — top of the line. It's beautiful, comfortable and so effective! I have never liked to use pillows to sleep at night and as a result have had stiffness at the back of my neck. It has really helped to remedy this! I love traveling with the Neck Sofa too. I can use it in so many positions! And sleep so comfortably! It's natural to recommend such a lovely and well designed pillow... LOVE IT. Knowing the product story and the people behind the product just gives me so much appreciation for the development and continuing work you all are doing! THANK YOU for Neck Sofa!

L. Olson, San Francisco, CA

I've been recognized as a posture expert now for almost 20 years. As such, I have been presented with many products for review. I am very impressed with Neck Sofa. From the packaging, to the quality, to the actual design, this product meets and exceeds my expectations.

Dr. Joe Ventura, D.C., Kansas city, KS

As soon as I took the Neck Sofa out of the box and used it, I immediately felt the tension release from my neck. Being someone who is constantly on a computer or mobile device, this product is a lifesaver!

Regina Saintours, Cape Coral, FL

My opinion of the Neck Sofa, I purchase in March is "simply amazing". I could not believe the comfort I experienced in traveling through Eastern Europe for nine weeks. Boats, trains, planes and even old buses in Moldavia. Anyone leaving home for an extended trip should take one of these pillows along. Best investment I made in travel gear. Just sent one last week to our traveling photographer for Mother's Day

Lori K., New York, NY

Since I started to use my Neck Sofa my sleep quality has never been better, sometimes because of my long working hours I can't get my eight hours of sleep as recommend. However my Neck Sofa truly make me sleep so well even on such short nights... I always wake up well refreshed and ready for a new day. Even in the daytime I use my Neck Sofa and bring it with me, I use it while working at my desk or at home watching TV. It is amazing how useful it can be, either day or night!

Adriana F., Los Angeles, CA

Recently took my Neck Sofa on a trip and long drive in Australia. Both in the airplane, and as a passenger in cars, I was so impressed with the different ways I could change the position to match my needs. For example straight at the back of my neck, or switch to side for straight or slightly left or right relax. Or use it in the small of the back, also good. Thank you!

Harold A., Tokyo, Japan

When I travel I use Neck Sofa in the airplane. It makes me feel good! I could sleep deeply and with great comfort. I also use Neck Sofa while sleeping in my bed, I feel that it makes me feel younger because I feel like my face is lifted.

Annie D., Dallas, TX

I have been using my Neck Sofa for about three weeks. I am a writer for a living, which means hours upon hours of sitting at a desk, staring at a screen, and having my body in the same position, with my arms in front of me. One wouldn't think simply sitting could be so uncomfortable/painful, but it becomes very tiresome. With my Neck Sofa, I am able to enjoy comfort while continuing to work. The Neck Sofa has given me the ability to do the thing I love without severe neck/back pain. I'm not sure how I ever got along without my Neck Sofa.

Amberley Stephens, Montgomery, AL

I purchased the Neck Sofa for my mother, who has Motor Neurone Disease (known as ALS in the US). The customer service person was a great help to me personally offering advice and obtaining rates to deliver to my home and following up that the item had arrived. My mother cannot support her head as her neck muscles are not strong enough. The necksofa has proved to be very comfortable for her. I would recommend it with the proviso that it is not worn in the same position continuously but rotated through the different positions to prevent "pressure" (albeit gentle pressure) on the ears.

MS L H, United Kingdom

My 68 year old neck has given me some pain lately, probably due to arthritis that I may just have live with, BUT I have to say that when I am watching TV or read in bed with my Neck Sofa on it immediately gives me some comforting support. For sure, I will take it with me and use it the next time I drive from Florida to Illinois and back to see our kids. Thanks for a great product.

Ralph Temple, Punta Gorda, FL

So luxurious. The only pillow I've used that actually supports my neck and lets me sleep. Keeps my head up so I can sleep. Everything else promises to support but this is the only one that actually does it. Very sturdy and quality feel too so I don't feel like it'll fall apart. Solid product and does what it says!

John V., San Francisco, CA

Sent Mom a Neck Sofa for Mother's Day and she simply loves her gift. She really doesn't leave home without it. Mom says she never felt better while watching TV or reading. Great product that makes a great gift.

Robert P., Lake Tahoe, CA

I love it soooo much. Since I started using it, I dont want to use regular pillows anymore. Now I use Neck Sofa everyday. It's very comfortable and I'm going to make my sister use it, especially her husband because he travels a lot.

Madz V., Manhattan, NY

WOW, what a great product. My son surprised me this weekend with one of the nicest birthday gifts I have ever received. Just in time for our 35 Year Anniversary long awaited Hawaiian vacation. I had 2 neck surgeries during the past 3 years and was wondering how I was going to handle a 9 hour flight. Now I know. I think your product will be very successful as more people learn about it. My husband wants to buy one for his sister, who travels all the time in her job. I told him go ahead, make her day.

Sandra B., Lexington, KY

This neck pillow is without doubt the most comfortable I've ever tried. The product is even nicer than on the brochure.

Gloria N., Abbeville, AL

My Chiropractor recommended this product and gave me the website address. It's some of the best recommendation I have ever received. I just love it

Ruth I., Saint Cloud, MN

Received my Neck Sofa as a birthday gift. Guess the family wants me comfortable while traveling. Nice way to say Dad keep hitting the road. However it is a wonderful product and it does relieve my stress factor.

Henry G., New Castle, PA

Saw a Neck Sofa flyer at a Trade Show, went to the website, watched the video, looked at the photos and then called to order one. When it arrived I showed it to my wife and she kept it. Had to order another for myself. She has a burgundy, I have a blue and we just relax together by the pool. It simply is the best.

Thomas K., Winter Park, FL

I purchased this product on the advice of my doctor, who stumbled across it on the Internet. He said this looks like the neck support you need for your herniated disk. After the first 30 days, I can say he was absolutely right. This is the right support. Thanks for offering such a great product.

Susanne L., Boulder, CO

Bought my first Neck Sofa 2 months ago. Use it almost every day on the train ride into the City. Passengers keep asking me where I got it, so I give them the website address. Just ordered one for my Dad as a Christmas gift.

Jerome M., Hicksville, Long Island

Better than it looked on the website. Absolutely comfortable and you're right, I started taking it everywhere I go, even to the movies.

Linda P., Petersburg, VA

I worked for a large National Retailer which, carried and sold the old fashioned memory foam neck pillows. They weren't cheap and they weren't anything like this product. I just rave to my friends about Neck Sofa and the quality. I think some have already placed their order.

Joseph L., Union Town, PA

Your product has exceeded my expectations. Just found your site on Google one evening and decided to order one. Have tried many neck pillows but they all fall short of their claims. I think you have a very successful product. By the way I did appreciate the free shipping.

Chuck W., Clarksville, KY

I drive a big rig for a living and spend about 22 days on the road each month. Since my wife gave me my Neck Sofa I have been the happiest trucker on the road. Every Truck Stop I have drivers asking me what kind of contraption you have on your neck Earl? I tell them a "Neck Sofa" and their eyes open and mouth drops. I think I'm your best salesman on the road now. Us Truckers have always shared good information about good Restaurants and good lodging. Now the talk on the highways will be about your product.

Earl R., Jackson, MS

Your product does everything I expected and more. Just a great gift my son gave me for my 70th birthday. Spend a lot of time in the wheelchair and this makes the day enjoyable.

Connie M., Huntsville, TX

I just got my "Neck Sofa" few days ago and had the opportunity to use it on a trip across country, I must say that in addition to the many compliments I got on the airplane about how "nice and comfortable" it looked it was the most comfortable neck pillow I have ever used. This "Neck Sofa" is very classy, comfortable and easy to carry with in its own backpack.

Jean D., Fort Collins, CO

This Neck Sofa give's an extremely cozy feeling when you wear it. Especially on an airplane or a long distance train trip makes all the difference. This soft texture and amazing support gives, physical and mental stability too. Fabulous product!

Tony V., Atlanta, GA

Wow, this is the first thing that came to my mind when I saw the Neck Sofa! It is definitely one of a kind of neck pillow!! It looks very nice and fits me perfectly. I bought many neck pillows, but this one is way above the rest.

William M., Gilbert, AZ

I like the concept of the neck sofa. It is a high end well design piece of equipment that can keep the head and neck in proper position and alignment for good seated sleeping (plane, car, etc.). This will prevent slouching and kinking of the neck and vertebrae while allowing proper circulation during a nap. It is comfortable and convenient to use. I really like it!"

Scott M., Livermore, CA

The Neck Sofa pillow is the Rolls-Royce of neck pillows. It's visually stunning and the sumptuous comfort is divine! It cradles my neck so perfectly that I feel it was custom-made just for me! No other neck pillow comes close to comparing in beauty, function and comfort. It is in a class by itself. I love it!

Rhonda S., Honolulu, HI

Your neck pillow is truly an innovative product that really does as advertised. It allows me to get a restful and relaxing time even while sitting in an airline seat. Thank you for the pleasure.

Charles S., Anchorage, AK

I am traveling a lot for business but don't fly first class and trust me this pillow gives you a glitch of a first class feeling. It is extremely comfortable and gives a wonderful support to the head and neck. I for sure arrived to my destination well rested.

Brian N., New York, NY

I was very skeptical, it's just the way I am. Many advertised products are so full of hype that it is hard to believe everything you see or read. However, I have to now admit that your Neck Sofa is more than I expected. Simply a wonderful product and I will be purchasing one for my Sister for Christmas. It's super that you will ship the gift direct.

Vera H., Cleveland, OH

I bet you never considered this product as an aide to Golfers. My wife gave me a neck sofa as a Christmas gift and I used it on a chilly day playing with my foursome friends. Never hit the ball more straighter in my life and stayed warmer to boot. I beat those guys for the first time since suffering a hernia from an auto accident. Great product and worth the money.

William Charles, Tifton, GA

The Neck Sofa is THE best neck pillow on the market! Period! The addition of its Gel Pad makes it even more comfortable and enjoyable to use. It is a wonderful product to use when traveling for long hours on an airplane or at home watching TV or while typing on your laptop! A MUST HAVE!

Julien V., New York, NY

I want to thank you for your great service regarding my order for a Neck Sofa. I received it in plenty of time for Christmas and my daughter was thrilled. She has already been to Asia and back and said the Neck Sofa was amazing! I'll be wanting to borrow it next time I fly. Both your service and product were so good that if you want to use my email as a testimonial on your website, feel free to do so. I heartily endorse the Neck Sofa.

Nora, Exeter, ON, Canada

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