The Suffocating Cost of Healthcare in America

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Healthcare costThe Suffocating Cost of Healthcare in America

We all know how expensive it can be to go to the doctor for a physical or checkup. Imagine the cost of a major illness, disease or injury. The  percentage of Americans without health insurance is staggering. Even patients with medical insurance are stuck with extremely high bills.  So how do we go about cutting the cost of our healthcare? We need to become an advocate for our own health. Taking care of your mind and body should be just as important as any other aspect in your life. Eating healthy, exercise and taking vitamins frequently can contribute to a healthier mind and internal organs.

However it’s the every day bad habits that really take a toll on your spinal column, neck, shoulders and back, such as, sitting for extended periods of time (whether traveling or at a desk), also consistently bending your neck forward while looking at your phone or mobile device which doctors have named “text neck”.  When your head is in a downward position looking at your mobile device it adds up to 60 pounds of additional pressure on to your neck and shoulders,  slowly damaging your nerves, tendons, discs and muscles.

There is a revolutionary medical product that has doctors talking. It’s called the Neck Sofa.  This fantastic health product is helping relieve pain for patients all over the world. While adding support to the neck it also relieves stress to the shoulders, back,  abdomen, hips and legs when used frequently.  From the very first time you use this great product you can feel the additional tension lift from your body.  Order you Neck Sofa today and receive a free copy of Dr. Gerald Coy’s book, “Solutions to the American Health Crisis”.  Help lower your healthcare costs.

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