Neck Sofa Pillow become “Your Personal Comfort Companion”

Relax in Comfort… Anytime, Anywhere.

Our goal with Neck Sofa was to create a unique new way to provides great comfort and support to your neck and head with and elegant design…

Neck Sofa Support Pillow Reverse Position It took us three years to design, test, patent and manufacture, what many are now calling Neck Sofa, a product with the ultimate functionality and personal comfort in today’s marketplace. Never settle for ordinary when it comes to your comfort and health. We didn’t settle for ordinary when designing and manufacturing this product for you. Versatile use it as you need it.

Neck Sofa is an ergonomically designed pillow with a patented inner support structure. The Neck Sofa helps relieve muscle pain, stiffness, fatigue and tension caused by long duration of sitting or standing in a confined position and will also provide comfort and support for individuals recovering from a medical condition or as recommended by their Physician.

The Neck Sofa is versatile and can be used while traveling by plane, boat, train or auto. It can go with you to the movies, sporting event or to the beach. Use it in bed to read or watch TV or simply to get a restful night of sleep. Neck Sofa may help you prevent snoring and wrinkles.

Neck Sofa Pillow is the Ultimate in Versatility and Comfort   Neck Sofa becomes your “personal comfort companion” and once you realize the benefits you’ll never leave home without it. When you reduce the stress level and reduce muscle tension, you lessen the degree of body inflammation and the result is a “healthier you”.

To your comfort… Gabriel