Elderly Care

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Elderly CareElderly Care

As we age our body naturally become weaker. Once bone density starts to decrease it makes it more difficult to complete everyday tasks such as keeping the head upright and stable. Weakened muscles and joints makes for a very uncomfortable and painful situation.

Without the correct neck support, changes in vertebrae at the top of the spine cause the head to tip forward, compressing the throat. As a result, swallowing is more difficult, and choking is more likely. The vertebrae then become less dense and the cushions of tissue (disks) between them lose fluid and become thinner, making the spine shorter.

Bones become brittle and less supportive of their activities, resulting in less activity, which in turn results in decreased health. As broken bones occur, less mobilization results in other health hazards. Family & friends must help in assisting these individuals, and must be alert other alternatives ano prevenative techniques.  Visit our website to see how the Neck Sofa is providing support for elderly loved ones all over the nation! necksofausa.com

To your health-Regina

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