After many prototypes and testing, we have created a neck pillow that is unlike any other

The Neck Sofa helps relieve muscle pain, stiffness, fatigue and tension caused by long duration of sitting in a confined position and will also provide comfort and support for individuals recovering from a medical condition or as recommended by their Physician.

Forward Head Posture (FHP) or Text Neck.

Text Neck is a syndrome in which the head is no longer properly aligned with your back and shoulders. The result is the head causes additional weight and strain on the spine, slowly affecting proper curvature. As the condition worsens over time additional health conditions develop. Besides neck pain and frequent tension headaches, patients experience long term muscle strain, disc herniation's, muscle fatigue, fibromyalgia, higher risk of Oseoporotic fractures and could result in significant loss of lung capacity. Forward Head Syndrome is serious, so have the family members re-train themselves how and how long to use the new technology devices.When spinal tissues are subject to a significant load for a sustained period of time, they deform and undergo remodeling changes that could become permanent.

Forward Head Posture (FHP) or Text Neck
1) Forward Head Posture

or "Text Neck" Syndrome is a condition, which develops when the head is not properly aligned with the neck and shoulder thereby, causing deterioration of a normal and healthy posture.

2) Correct Head Alignment

Neck Sofa with the patented inner "Support Structure" allows you to re-train how you use specific technology devices properly, resulting in improved posture and a healthier lifestyle.

Use at work

Use it at work to relieve that mid-day stress and fatigue

Use when traveling

Use it when traveling for greater comfort, relaxation and a quick nap

Use as increased support

Use it for increased support as your Physician may recommend

The Neck Sofa is designed for maximum versatility as life demands

1. Regular position

regular position

Ideal for use at work, while watching TV, reading, or as your Doctor may recommend for added support

2. Side position

side position

Ideal for traveling and sleeping

3. Massage position

massage position

Ideal for massage and naps

4. Lower Back positions

lower back positions

Ideal when working on the computer. These positions helps support the lower back with great comfort.

5. Lying position 1

massage position

Sleeping Beauty position. This position helps support the head and neck curve so that the air passage way is clear for better breathing and can help reduce snoring. This position also help prevent wrinkles by keeping the face away from the pillow.

6. Lying position 2

lower back positions

This position offers a comfortable supportive feeling for the head and neck.

7. Head Rest position

massage position

Ideal when watching TV on your sofa. This position will provide great support and comfort to your head and neck.

8. Power Nap position

lower back positions

Ideal for taking a power nap during a lunch break. This position keeps the light out to help you sleep better.