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Neck Sofa is the First neck pillow with an Inner Supportive Structure that provides superior support to the head and neck.

Chiropractors recommend Neck Sofa for its multiple uses and for its health benefits.
Neck Sofa Uses
Patented Inner Support Structure... relaxes, relieves and reduces daily stress. By lowering the inflammation in your body you greatly improve your health. Click image to enlarge for more details.
Neck Sofa

Ergonomically designed to fit your neck and support your head with a patented inner designed structure. It's not only a pillow, it's your personal Neck Sofa.

Neck Sofa

Why settle for ordinary when your wellness is at risk

Neck Sofa

Neck Sofa’s structure design is the answer to better health

700,000 Annual Deaths related to Medical Treatment and Errors!

Solution to the American Health Crisis

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Neck Sofa.

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Get a copy with the purchase of your Neck Sofa only for $15

"A MUST READ! If you are not happy with healthcare, here is the perfect book for you to find support with a big dash of humor! Over 70 illustrations from famed illustrator Ian Baker to express many deep seated thought you might have about doctors, drugs, hospitals, insurance companies and all the people who really do not seem to have your best interest at heart. This book is one that makes you think of SOLUTIONS to what you may currently be doing and offering ideas for alternatives you might consider for better health, and may even save your life! Laugh, cry, get angry, but above all, become aware of what you need to know for yourself and your family."

If it was not so true I would just be laughing my head off!

Grace H., Miami, FL

Something we all need to be aware of, a great book to read one article at a time, think, discuss, and act on a better life!

Dorothy M., Provo, UT

What a great read! This book really opens one's eyes as to the crisis we all face in our current Healthcare System.

Barbara V., Mt. Pleasant, NJ

Reading the section "Drugs, drugs, and more drugs" just re-enforced what I've been telling my family members for years. Now they can read it for themselves. This book makes sense!

Alicia G., Albuquerque, NM

Dr. Gerald Coy
Dr. Gerald Coy
"Since using my personal Neck Sofa pillow and I do each and every evening after a hectic day treating patients or working with the CHER Foundation (, I find the Neck Sofa to be a wonderful product to relieve stress and provide unsurpassed comfort while relaxing in my easy chair. I recommend this pillow to my friends and patients that require additional neck support or just want to feel better. Get your Neck Sofa and enjoy my book."

The Neck Sofa is designed for maximum versatility as life demands.

1. Regular position

Regular position

Ideal for use at work, while watching TV, reading, or as your Doctor may recommend for added support.

2. Side postion

Side postion

Ideal for use at work, while watching TV, reading, or as your Doctor may recommend for added support.

3. Massage position

Massage position

Ideal for massage and naps.

Gel Pad

Exclusively designed Gel Pad liner makes the Neck Sofa a great companion on those. Hot Summer Days at the Beach, by Poolside or at a Sporting Event. Well worth having one to extend the use of your "comfort companion".
(Easy to install or remove as your preference changes)

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Neck Sofa Gel Pad