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Neck Sofa

Elegantly and ergonomically designed pillow to fit the shape and support of the neck and head. Manufactured with exceptional quality components to provide years of comfort and satisfaction. Designed to be used 6 ways and 9 different positions. The Neck Sofa fits snugly yet will not slip off your shoulders. Watch the short introduction video and see how the neck pillow has changed over the last 84 years.

Now it's not only a Pillow but has become "Your Neck Sofa".

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Neck Sofa structure front view Neck Sofa structure side view

The Neck Sofa is designed for maximum versatility as life demands.

1. Regular position 2. Side position 3. Massage position
Neck Sofa used in regular position Neck Sofa used in side position Neck Sofa used in massage position
Ideal for use at work, while watching TV, reading, or as your Doctor may recommend for added support. Ideal for traveling and sleeping Ideal for massage and naps
How to use Neck Sofa
Exclusively designed Gel Pad liner makes the Neck Sofa a great companion on those Hot Summer Days at the Beach, by Poolside, at a Sporting Event, Hiking, riding a Bicycle or even cutting the grass. Well worth $19.99 to extend the use of your "comfort companion".
(Easy to install or remove as your preference changes)
Neck Sofa Gel Pad
Ice cubes
The sensation of cooling when you need it most!
Neck Sofa with Gel Pad back view Neck Sofa with Gel Pad side view Neck Sofa with Gel Pad front view
Flexible (clear) and strong TPU Bands hold your Gel Pad liner securely in place. Custom fitted Gel Pad design covers the entire back and side neck area.
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